Text Analysis

Data Analysis Group is a Melbourne business offering a comprehensive range of text analysis services. We help you extract and uncover valuable insights from documents, emails, forms, web-pages, social media, product reviews, comments, tweets and even photos.

Our text analysis services transform vast amounts of unstructured data into actionable insights that drive your business. It also enables you to quickly identify and take advantage of emerging trends.

Our Text Analysis provides Actionable Insights

Our text analysis services include the following. These services are available for English, French, German, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish content.

Text Extraction

Data Analysis - Text Extraction Services

Extract clean text and embedded links from any document or web page by removing adverts, navigation links and other undesirable content. Key step for the efficient processing, analysis, and management of text data.

Entity Extraction

Data Analysis - Entity Extraction Services

Extract people, companies, contact details, job titles, locations and brands from your text. Used to understand the subject, action and object of the content. Compliments and enriches sentiment analysis.

Sentiment Analysis

Data Analysis - Sentiment Analysis Services

Classifies text as positive, negative or neutral based on the expressed opinion. Can be computed at a document, user entity and keyword level. Used for identifying trends, buying signals, churn signals, problems and opportunities.

Language Identification

Data Analysis - Language Identification Services

Detects the natural language of a text in one of 96 different languages. Use for categorising and clustering texts from different parts of the world. In addition, it provides the ability to filter or search content, based on the language it was written in.

Document Categorisation

Data Analysis - Document Categorisation Services

Automatically categorise text, documents and webpages into a hierarchal taxonomy up to 5 levels deep. Provides a structured bird-eye view of your content.

Document Clustering

Data Analysis - Document Clustering Services

Group similar documents together, based on their categories, entities, themes, sentiment and content. Provides an unstructured high-level overview of your text.

Document Similarity

Data Analysis - Document Similarity Services

Calculates the percentage similarity between two texts. Used to quickly compare documents discovered in litigation, and detect educational / commercial plagiarism.

Keyword Extraction

Data Analysis - Keyword Extraction Services

Extract and rank keywords from your content. Used to create indexes, search functionality and generate tag clouds. Can also be used for deduplication and document matching

Benefits of our Text Analysis Services

Our text analysis services can be applied to your organisations documents, emails, forms, web-pages, social media, product reviews, comments, tweets and even photos. It enables you to:

  • Gain insights into your business units, channels, customers and products, and those of your competitors, from hard-to-access data.
  • Quickly obtain a bird’s eye view of your content.
  • Leverage data from call centre feedback, customer complaints, surveys and transactions to accelerate resolution and mitigate risk from the early identification of emerging trends.
  • Cost effectively triage warranty and insurance claims by severity and allocate to appropriate departments or loss adjusters for processing.

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