Data Analysis Methods

The Data Analysis Group provides a wide range of data analysis methods. We deliver improved visibility and detailed understanding of your organisation, empowering you with a fact-based understanding of:

  • What has happened in your organisation.
  • Why is something happening.
  • What is likely to happen in the future; and
  • What should you do to solve and optimise key organisational issues.

These data-driven insights make your organisation more focused, efficient and profitable.

Data Analysis Methods & Techniques Used

The following is a sample of the data analysis methods with which we are familiar. See our Data Analysis pages for how these techniques can be used to create significant value for the various departments within your organisation.


Data Analysis Methods - Classification

Classifying items based on their characteristics and attributes. For example, can be used to estimating a person’s annual income based on their address, gender and age.


Data Analysis Methods - Clustering

Identify which natural groups of items go together. Similar to Association however in Clustering the groups are determined by the algorithms.

Conjoint Analysis / Discrete Choice

Data Analysis Methods - Conjoint Analysis Discrete Choice

Used in market research to determine the value that consumers place on the trade-offs between two or more features or benefits of a product. Helps to evaluate different pricing points.

Consolidating Values

Data Analysis Methods - Consolidating Values

Similar values are grouped together in order to reduce the volume and complexity of the analysis.

Correspondence Analysis

Data Analysis Methods - Correspondence Analysis

Explore associations between sets of categorical, rather than continuous variables. Provides a means of displaying or summarising data in two-dimensional graphical form.

Customer Analytics & Insights

Data Analysis Methods - Customer Analytics & Insights

Analysis of customer information and behaviour to improve an organisation’s sales, marketing & CRM strategies.

Data Exploration

Data Analysis Methods - Data Exploration

Analysing a data set to determine its main characteristics, deficiencies and suitability for analysis.

Data Integration

Data Analysis Methods - Data Integration

Extracting data from various systems and then restructuring, reorganising and merging it into a homogeneous format, in preparation for data analysis.

Data Management

Data Analysis Methods - Data management

A process for the collection, integration, storage and deletion of organisational data. This can include any applicable unstructured data and large data volumes.

Data Mining

Data Analysis Methods - Data Mining

Practice of searching through large amounts of data to identify useful patterns, abnormalities, relationships and trends.


Data Analysis Methods - De-duplication

Removal and/or merging of duplicate records within a data set to improve its accuracy.

Descriptive Analytics

Data Analysis Methods - Descriptive analytics

Identification of patterns, abnormalities, relationships and trends to describe what has happened within your organisation.

Deviation Detection

Data Analysis Methods - Deviation detection

Identify when a behaviour has deviated from its expected normal.

Forecasting & Predictive Modelling

Data Analysis Methods - Forecasting & Predictive Modelling

Using historic data to predict what is likely to happen in the future.

Genetic Algorithms

Data Analysis Methods - Genetic algorithms

Optimisation methods that mimic the ‘survival of the fittest’ selections that are seen in nature.

Inquisitive Analytics

Data Analysis Methods - Inquisitive analytics

Detailed analytical and statistical study to validate or reject hypothesis of why something is happening within your organisation.

Machine Learning & AI

Data Analysis Methods - Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence systems that have the ability to learn and make decisions without being explicitly programmed.

Market Basket Analysis

Data Analysis Methods - Market Basket Analysis

Identify which user-defined groups of similar items go together. Answers the question of “What other products do customers buy if they purchase product A?”


Data Analysis Methods - Matching

Matching identical records in different systems, to enable a ‘single view of the customer’

Monte Carlo Simulation

Data Analysis Methods -Monte Carlo simulation

A computer-based simulation that determines the most likely scenario outcome based on a series of random inputs.

Multivariate Analysis

Data Analysis Methods - Multivariate Analysis

Statistical technique to collectively analyse data from two or more variables to determine how they relate to one other.

Neural Networks

Data Analysis Methods - Neural Networks

A computer system that mimics the way the human brain works. Used to identify relationships in sets of data and automate decision making.


Data Analysis Methods - Optimisation

Using linear and non-linear programming, genetic search, and simulated annealing.

Outlier Removal

Data Analysis Methods - Outlier Removal

Detection and remove of irrelevant ‘noise’ from a data set.

Over Sampling

Data Analysis Methods - Over Sampling

Used to increase the presence of rare data, when there is not enough data to analyse.

Parallel Computing

Data Analysis Methods - Parallel Computing

Hardware and software used for processing very large datasets or complicated problems that would otherwise take excessive computing time

Pattern Recognition

Data Analysis Methods - Pattern recognition

Identification of patterns, abnormalities, relationships and trends within a data set.

Price Optimisation

Data Analysis Methods - Price Optimisation

Optimise selling prices from analysing product demand, pricing, promotions, fixed and variable costs, competitors’ offerings, economic factors, inventory and seasonal conditions.

Queuing Theory

Data Analysis Methods - Queuing Theory

Allowing you to serve the maximum amount of customers with available resources, whilst minimising wait time and delays


Data Analysis Methods - Regression

Statistical method for determining and exploring the relationships between variables.


Data Analysis Methods - Sampling

Used when the volume of data is greater than the available budget, hardware and time limits. The sampled data set should be big enough to contain the significant information, but small enough to be quickly processed.


Data Analysis Methods - Scorecards

Monitor your organisations success of over time by comparing key performance indicators (KPIs) to budgeted targets. Includes creation of new KPIs if required.


Data Analysis Methods - Segmentation

The art of subdividing a homogenous market into identifiable segments, each with similar characteristics. The goal is to create a marketing mix that matches your customer expectations in each target segment.

Simulated Annealing

Data Analysis Methods - Simulated Annealing

A method for finding the global maximum (or minimum) in a large search space.


Data Analysis Methods - Simulation

Building a model that represents the behaviours & characteristics of a real-world system. The model is run with varying input parameters to determine expected outputs.

Social Media Analysis

Data Analysis Methods - Social Media analysis

Analysis of blogs, social media networks and review sites to identify consumer trends, sentiments and behaviours, in order to improving strategic decision making.

Spatial Analysis

Data Analysis Methods - Spatial Analysis

Analysis of geographic data to explain patterns in human behaviour.

Statistical Analysis

Data Analysis Methods - Statistical Analysis

General statistical analysis.

Survival Analysis

Data Analysis Methods - Survival Analysis

Determining the amount of time before a particular event (eg. death or mechanical failure) occurs.

Text Analytics

Data Analysis Methods - Text Analytics

Deriving information from text sources. This includes summarising documents, sentiment analysis and document classification.

Time Series Forecasting

Data Analysis Methods - Time Series Analysis and forecasting

Using patterns within a sequential series of events to predict what is likely to happen in the future.

Yield Management

Data Analysis Methods - Yield management

Determining a variable pricing strategy in order to maximize profits from a fixed and perishable resource. Based on understanding, anticipating and influencing the consumer’s behaviour.

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