Customer Analysis

The Data Analysis Group is a Melbourne business providing high-level customer analysis services to Australian organisations. Our advanced methods and technologies provide you with data-driven customer insights and predictive analytics that improve your marketing performance.

Our customer analysis service delivers an increased understanding of your customers, their behaviours, habits and spending patterns. These insights enable you to tailor products and services to data-driven segments, improving acquisition rates and cross selling opportunities whilst reducing churn.

We use advanced numerical methods and can process millions, or even billions, of rows of data at a time. Actionable customer insights can be obtained from all your data sources, including databases, documents, emails, Excel sheets, forms, web-pages, social media, product reviews, comments and even tweets.

In most cases, our predictive models and algorithms can be embedded directly into your existing reporting tools and decision support models. Where not possible, we build Excel models, software or web based solutions to meet your needs.

Customer Analysis that Boosts Performance

Our customer analysis services empower you to create an optimised marketing strategy, improve your customers’ experience, increase engagement, accelerate acquisition and reduce churn. See our Analysis Methods page for further details on the methods and techniques used.

Behaviour Analysis & Profiling

Customer Analysis -  Behaviour Analysis & Profiling Analysis

Obtain a greater understanding of your customers, their habits, needs and spending patterns by mining historic data. Insights and trends are used to create high-performance strategies and data-driven predictive models that identify valuable segments and influence consumer behaviour.

Campaign Effectiveness

Customer Analysis -  Campaign Effectiveness Analysis

Determine the comparative return on investment of your marketing campaigns and channels by analysing the revenue and costs of the chain of events that influenced a prospect to purchase. Includes analysing the impact of campaigns on the sales funnel.

Churn & Retention

Customer Analysis -  Churn & Retention Analysis

Use historic interactions, payments, usage patterns and demographic data to predictively model the reason and likelihood that an individual customer will defect in the future. Allows you to intervene by offering attractive and optimised incentives to retain the customer before they leave.

Credit Scoring

Customer Analysis -  Credit Scoring Analysis

Your customers’ payment history and demographic data may provide a more accurate predictor of their credit worthiness to your organisation than a generalised score from a credit agency. Predictive credit scoring models can run in real-time, allowing you to take pre-emptive action and minimise your losses.

Cross & Up-Selling, Market Baskets

Customer Analysis - Cross Selling, Up-Selling and Market Basket Analysis

Evaluate customer drivers such as their life-stage, needs, segment and risk profile along with your products to determine the best fit for their purpose. Prioritises cross-selling, up-selling or down-selling recommendations. Market Basket Analysis identifies groups of similar items that are sold together.

Customer Value

Customer Analysis -  Customer Value Analysis

Measure customer value from a profitability analysis of their purchases, interactions, payments and usage patterns. Cluster with demographic data to identify the characteristics and attributes of your most and least valuable customers. Tailor products and services to suit their profitability.

Competitive Intelligence

Customer Analysis -  Competitive Intelligence

Analyse, benchmark and monitor your competitors’ product and services offerings from web-pages, review sites, blogs and social media. Identify best practices, gaps, new competitors and offerings. Formulate cost-effective online strategies and improve your reaction time to changing market conditions.

Employee Assignment & Scheduling

Customer Analysis -  Employee Assignment & Scheduling

Increase profit by using neural networks to assign your claims, leads and support requests to your most suited employees. Use predictive-analytics to optimise your customer-facing staffing levels by forecasting demand for different categories at different times of the day, week, month and year.

KPIs & Metrics

Customer Analysis -  KPIs & Metrics Determination

Develop key performance indicators and metrics that provide high-level yet realistic indicators of organisational performance and strategic development. Evaluate the correlations of derivative-based KPIs against historic data to determine their effectiveness as management tools.

Geography & Location

Customer Analysis -  Geography & Location Analysis

Analyse customers geographic and usage data to identify and explain patterns in their behaviour. Good for pinpointing the best location for a new facility, the least costly path from A to B, and supplier selection/rationalisation exercises.

Product & Service Reviews

Customer Analysis -  Product & Service Reviews

Extract clean text and customer sentiment from your docs, emails, forms, web-pages, social media, product review sites and tweets. Identify brand advocates, buying signals, churn signals, opportunities and problems. Gain insight from hard-to-access data with improved response to emerging trends.

Quality & Complaints

Customer Analysis -  Quality & Complaints Analysis

Identify the root cause of quality issues and complaints. Monitor average time to process customer issues as an indicator of customer dissatisfaction. Implement predictive analytics to trigger remedial action when behaviour deviates from expected norms.

Sales, Inventory & Production

Customer Analysis - Sales, Inventory & Production Analysis and Forecasting

Improve sales forecasting and demand planning by using neural networks to analyse large amounts of internal data (eg. historic sales, costs, CRM pipeline) and external factors (eg. economic forecasts, raw material price changes, employee contract renegotiations, increased competition.

Segmentation & Targeting

Customer Analysis -  Segmentation & Targeting Analysis

Use advanced clustering algorithms to subdivide your market into identifiable segments, each with similar characteristics. Segments are accurate as they are determined from the data, not historic bias or gut-feel. Improves targeting and tailoring of your products and services.

Benefits of our Customer Analysis Services

Our advanced numerical methods deliver accuarate customer insights and predictive analytics that improve marketing performance. Other benefits include:

  • Fast return on investment. Our fees typically small in comparison to the savings or additional profits that our projects produce for our clients.
  • Innovative, yet pragmatic solutions. We find clever ways to extract useful info out of incomplete, disorganised and unwieldy data
  • Communicate clearly: We don’t consider our engagement as complete until our clients completely understand our findings and the approach we took to get there.
  • Always confidential and discreet.

Contact us for Customer Analysis

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