Algorithm Creation and Optimisation

The Data Analysis Group is a Melbourne provider of algorithm creation and optimisation services. Our problem solving methods, industry experience and strong analytical backgrounds provide you with cost-effective algorithms and models to optimise your organisational issues.

No Maths Required

Our core speciality is using complex analytical, mathematical and numerical techniques to optimise organisational problems. And then package the algorithms in such a way that they can be easily used by non-geeks.

In most cases, our algorithms can be embedded directly into your existing decision support models and reporting tools. Where not possible, we build Excel models or stand-alone software to fulfil your needs.

And on those rare occasions when it gets too tough for us, we draw on our relationships with leading practitioners at major universities and business schools within Australia. This provides us with ready access to extensive expertise and the latest developments. We have never turned down a project because of its complexity.

Case Study: Beating the leasing standard

Financial Analysis & Modelling ServicesAn ASX top 50 company desired to conduct a series of sale and leasebacks as part of their capital efficiency project. The initial attempt for $20m of core-strategic assets by a well-known consultancy failed through their inability to structure viable operating leases.

Based on our previous successes within the company, the project was re-allocated to our team. We devised (and patented) a unique equipment leasing solution for creating IFRIS/GAAP compliant, fully transparent operating leases for the remaining useful life of the assets.

Our structure was used to sale and lease back more than $220m of strategic and hazardous assets in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand on lease terms up to 20 years, without the company losing effective control of the assets.

More importantly, this highly efficient capital structure was signed off by their auditors.

A NPV analysis of available financing options indicated that our new long-term leasing structure was an astounding 13% of capital better than the next best funding alternative.

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